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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Beautiful Side to The Ugly But Amazing Emu

I have never really liked being around large birds. I guess most everyone has some sort of aversion. But I've discovered something beautiful about the emu, a member of the ostrich family. The emu is a large, flightless bird that lives in Australia. It stands 5 to 6 ft tall and even on those it's frail-looking legs, it is a very fast runner. There is only one living species

The amazing emu looks like a walking haystack of feathers or a result of mother nature's bad day, but emus are prized for their low-fat meat, high-quality leather, and oil made from their refined fat. Emu oil that has been by the Australian aborigines for medicinal purposes for thousands of years.

Skin Glow Salt Scrub $19.95 5 fl. oz; $3.50 .60 fl. oz. by Tanzotic, a company known for indoor tanning products, features emu oil. It's an exfoliating, acne-fighting, tan-enhancing product I've just recently discovered. Today, most commercially-used emu is farmed., and Tanzotic's emu oil comes from a ranch in Walker county Texas. This simple jar of exfoliator also features dead sea salts to help slough of dull, dry, dead skin cells, while Sweet Almond Oil, Vitamin E, Sunflower, Rosemary Oil and Grape Seed Oil help moisturize and soften your skin.

Some exfoliators slide off your skin immediately, making it hard to handle, and leaving a mess in your shower. This product stayed on like a paste, so it was easy to effectively exfoliate. It also washed cleanly down the drain when I rinsed it off. That's a huge benefit, because if it stays put on your skin longer, you can use less, making it economical. As to the pleasure factor, I've never found exfoliating products to be that much fun to use on sensitive skin like mine, but this one was very soft, and theoretically smelled like "sunflowers." I guess I haven't smelled all that many sunflowers, but I thought the fragrance was just a non-identifiable, pleasantly light and floarl scent that I barely noticed (and that was just fine). Like most exfoliating products, this one not only exfoliates, it soothes and moisturizes (no need for most people to use another emollient after exfoliating with this product). This makes it a multi-tasking perfect partner to prime your skin for a self-tanner or smooth outdoor tan. The product also claims to reduce the appearance of acne if used for 7-10 days. I didn't test it for that purpose, but keeping your skin clear of dead skin couldn't' hurt. I did use it to shave my legs, as suggested, and was pleasantly surprised. This modestly-priced multi-tasker really did help -- my legs (and everywhere else I used it) were super-soft and silky.


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