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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Un-Wrinkle Pressed Powder by Peter Thomas Roth has Star Power

If you're staying out of the sun, using SPF products, and faithfully follow a good anti-aging skincare routine, you're doing the right things for your skin. I'd love to say that I've found the perfect product--one that makes my skin look fantastic, flawless, amazing, and also really gets rids of any lines and wrinkles. While I am still waiting to snag a product that can significantly and permanently eliminate lines and wrinkles, thankfully, technology has produced a number of products really can minimize their appearance.

The Un-Wrinkle Pressed Powder $35.00 by Peter Thomas Roth is a product I'm loving right now. It's a luminous, lightweight, translucent powder that you can wear alone or over other products. It enhances the beauty of your natural skin and helps to diffuse the look of lines and wrinkles (thanks to anti-aging peptides and neuropeptides). I tried this initially just on bare skin. The silky-smooth, triple-milled powder immediately smoothed over flaws, redness, and fine lines, but my real skin still shone through and still looked natural. Over foundation, it gave my complexion a smooth, soft, matte finish wasn't cake-y or dry. The powder is supposedly translucent, but it does have a hint of tint that seems to just blend with whatever skin tone it's resting on. Even better, the powder actually helped absorb oil, so my makeup stayed fresher, longer (great for this month's heat and humidity and really super for combination skin).

On the surface, this product looks like any other in it's softly rounded square mirrored compact, but it has several unusual, high-tech ingredients: Syn®Ake (a synthetic neuropeptide that mimics the winkle-relaxing properties of an enzyme found in snake venom from the Brazilian Viper) and Syn®Col, which mimics the body's own mechanism to produce collagen. It also has Matrixyl 3000 (collagen-boosting peptide to soften and smooth skin); Snap-8 (neuropeptide to help reduce the depth of expression lines); Argireline® (helps to prohibit muscles from contracting, which prevents the formation of lines and winkles) and Vitamins A, Ca and E plus Mica. That's a whole lot of skin-loving stuff to put into a little compact!

This is a wonderful pressed powder. If I have any reservations about it, the only one really is that I'd use it more often if it also had SPF protection, but for those days when I'm not really going to be walking around outside too much, or for evening, it's great.

This compact also has "star power." If you're a movie fan you'll be excited to know that the compact has a role in a key scene of the movie Get Smart, Agent 99 (played by Ann Hathaway) throws the compact and it smokes when it hits the ground (to reveal the hidden lasers that Agent 99 and Maxwell Smart are trying to avoid so they don’t set off any alarms.) Wear your own Un-Wrinkle powder and you'll have star power, too (no alarms of any kind will go off, of course).

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