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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Be the Star in Your Own Romance Novel, Really!

Have you always wanted to be the romantic heroine in bona-fide romance novel? Now you can satisfy that fantasy, with a personalized love story to share with your special someone. You don't have to be a writer, and all you need just about ten minutes, to make you and someone you love (or fancy) the stars of a real book! can make your dream come true with a "canned" romance that you personalize to suit your taste and your real life details. There are 25 different "fantasy" settings (pick the setting that you like or that suits your real life, best). For example, Another Day in Paradise is set on a Caribbean island. Awake, My Love takes place in your own hometown and is centered around dream sequences. Celebrating Romance is a collection of 10 romantic, short stories. Cold Feet, Warm Heart is set at a luxury ski resort. I love cruises, so I picked, Cruise Alaska set on a cruise ship in Alaska. You can choose several formats, depending upon your budget: Paperback $42.99; Paperback w/ Photo $69.99; Hardback $88.99; Hardback w/Photo $110.99 Paperbacks usually arrive within a week; hardbacks two weeks.

If you want to further personalize the book, you can upload your own photo to grace the cover *note: the couple in this photo are NOT my husband and I--just a sample photo from the web site! If there's no one special you want to pose with, you can always Photoshop you and Fabio together (grin)!

You are asked to fill in a short questionnaire with some basic details that will help to personalize the plot (in "wild" or "mild" format). The questions are pretty basic, such as your name and your object of your desire's name, best friends name, hair, eye color, etc. I really like the fact that gives you specific examples of what everything will look like, from cover photos and descriptions of the plot, to samples of the writing in the mild and wild varieties. I didn't think the wild variety was really much more than just "frisky," but if you are conservative, at least you have a choice. You don't want to be blushing on every page about what you and your someone special are doing!

Before you know it, your very own romance novel will arrive at your door!

Even though I am a published book author with several titles under my own name, I was secretly pleased to see "Cruise Alaska" with a photo of my husband and in the "Porthole" on the glossy, full-color cover. I enjoyed reading the book as it revealed what my husband and I were supposedly, doing, page by page. The book was of good quality with glossy cover and fairly high quality paper, and it has a simple but amusing plot, and a surprise ending. As someone who has been on about 60 cruises (yes, I do love them), I found the description of the cruise to be accurate and exciting. Other characters with whom we were supposedly interacting were believable and interesting. The only downside was that the characters exchanged dialogue with each other that neither my husband nor I would ever say in real life, and I found myself chuckling at the situations "we" (my husband and I ) were written into. Additionally, my husband and I have traveled extensively, and it was clear that the lovers in this book were young, untraveled, and a bit unsophisticated.

But in total, this truly was a unique and fun read. It's a bit pricey, but not more so than a dozen roses. If you are a man, this would make the absolutely best gift for her, ever! My advice for a romantic couple of evenings if to order your special story and then read it to each other (as a bedtime story)! This makes a most unusual gift for a birthday, special anniversary, or, of course Valentine's Day. But if you want to send one to your true love this V-day you had better get busy! Order by Feb 6 for Valentine's Day delivery.


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