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Friday, January 30, 2009

Pur Minerals Correcting Primer Makes Skin, Perfect

Pür Minerals Correcting Primer $29.50 1 fl. oz. is one of those products you don’t really how much you need, until you try it. It’s a lightweight, nearly sheer, silky gel type primer in a pump bottle that goes on under your foundation (or on bare skin) to make your skin look nearly flawless.

"Peach" for example, was created specifically to cover under eye circles, age spots, dark spots, freckles, and uneven skin tone. It neutralizes skin with a super-silky liquid that is formulated to flatter all skin types. When I apply this product to my entire face my skin looks lit from within and much smoother. It’s pretty impressive. The natural, peach color helps you avoid those white or grey-circled "raccoon" eyes. Neither of these really have a “color” but you will immediately see a brightening and smoothing out of your skin tone. I try a lot of products, and this is one that I don’t think I can live without anymore! It’s just a first, little first step can make all the’ve just got to try it.

Another Pür Minerals Primer is perfect for those who have freckles, discolorations or ruddy skin (or even rosacea).“Green” is a lifesaver. It’s specifically designed to offset redness and discoloration. Like the peach primer, this one seems to work like magic. Instead of piling on tons of foundation to cover your skin, you’ll find that you can use lighter products and a lot less of them. The smooth, easy to use formula has Titanium Dioxide and a naturally fragranced, Silicone-based formula that works on all skin types.

Pür Minerals also has a nice foundation and other products that are equally impressive. All have micronized minerals that give you excellent coverage yet look and feel as if they are part of your skin. None of their products contain chemical dyes or fragrances, just pure pigments from minerals. There isn’t any talc to dry or dull skin, no oil to clog pores and no fillers. Instead, the products contain moisturizing Shea Butter and Vitamin E.

If I’m gushing, it’s simply because I can't help it and it's not something I do very often.


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