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Monday, February 09, 2009

TJMaxx and Marshalls are a Shopaholics, Dream

While economists argue about how to handle the economic situation in America, for many, the current economy means that it's going to be a budget-minded Spring. That doesn't mean that you have to resort to cast-offs or thrift shops (although there's nothing wrong with these if you're a savvy shopper). No matter what your budget, if you want brand-new, brand-name items, off-price retailers like TJMaxx and Marshalls can help you get the looks you love, for less.

Fashion Week for Fall 2009 is starting this week, but to see what's in store, in these stores, for SPRING 2009, I checked out some of the new looks from TJMaxx and Marshalls at a recent event in Manhattan at Dylans Candy Bar. The candies were sweet, but what's even sweeter are the way these stores do "trendy" so well ---at more than 60% off in some cases! I guess the idea of having the event there was that when you shop off-price, you're like a kid in a candy store...

....and can be, too!

COLOR is the word for Spring. Bright, bold, cheerful color. If you're not the type of dress like a rainbow, accessories are a way to brighten up even last year's fashions. These handbags and wallets are available in TJMaxx and Marshalls to add accessory "Oomph!"

Ever since Michelle Obama wore yellow to the inauguration of her husband, yellow is a hot, hot color, but it can be challenging to wear with some skin tones. One way to get a mellow yellow is with this soft yellow cardigan. Wear it over basic black, brown or grey and make it modern! Follow with some Fashion Jewelry...all of these chic items from TJ Maxx and Marshalls.

Yummy polka dots on a dress...a must-have for Spring. But which is the splurge, and which is the steal? Leave a comment with your email address if you're dying to know....or better yet, just go to a TJ Maxx or Marshalls store and check out all the pretty, Spring dresses for yourself.

You can ever get a package of these no-slip hangars for your new purchases, along with photo frames to capture fabulous you!

You can go to any Marshalls or TJ Maxx store in the country, and find items like these on the shelves and racks. These off-price stores are not low-quality bargain bins--just stores with a wide variety of merchandise that is constantly changing. Shopping at any one store at any given time is a true treasure hunt. The stores stock the exact same designer names you know and love, with 85% of items being current season in a wide range of categories: clothing and accessories for women, men, teens and kids, plus home decor, accessories, and in some cases, even gourmet and decorating items. There are name-brand perfumes, small appliances, even hair products.

How do they do it? TJMaxx and Marshalls buy merchandise directly from designers, but much closer to the season than department stores do. They can buy as little or as much "overage" that is available, so the designers will negotiate a better deal. Most is top quality but if something is irregular, it is clearly marked as such. All the food items are also sold before their expiration date as are the cosmetics.

I have shopped at off-price stores for years. True, they don't have the snob appeal of some high end boutiques, but once you take an item home in that chic shopping bag and clip off the sales tag, the item is the same as the one you took home in that TJMaxx or Marshall bag. Besides, if you're carrying an off-price bag you signify that you're a savvy shopper! I have rarely been at one of these stores where I haven't found something I wanted (or didn't know I wanted until I saw it--and a great price). No matter what time or in what town you visit one of these stores, you'll see different merchandise. I recently visited one of these stores (actually looking for black pants) and I also found a set of six steak knives from a very famous maker that I know are selling elsewhere for over $60.00. Mine, sealed perfectly in the original packaging, were reduced to just $14.99! I was more excited about those steak knives than the good deal I got on my pants!

Whether you're in the market for steak knives or stilettos--Visit: and to get customer updates, information, and find stores near you!


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