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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Exclusive Maybelline Sneak Peek - New Products Winter 2010

I just returned from checking out Maybelline's latest launches for Winter 2010. Most of these great products with trendy colors and great packaging (not to mention innovative formulas) won't be available for a few weeks and I am waiting to tell you about these latest and greatest products in more detail. But from a sneak peek perspective (trust me on this...) when you see what they've got in store, you're going to want everything!

If Maybelline doesn't already have the mascara of your dreams (and for many, that mascara is already here in the form of Maybelline Great Lash -- my favorite is Pulse Perfection), they'll have a few new ones for you to love in a few weeks. The new XXL Pro by EyeStudio mascaras will do a variety of different things: volumize, colorize, lengthen, and there's even one that will last 24-hours and offer you waterproof or volumizing regular, mascara. Also new is Lash Stiletto Voluptuous, with a unique, curvy brush that creates a little "well" where the mascara can collect, so when you apply it on your lashes, you get the effect of long, full, deeply colored, lush, I-can't-believe-those-are-my, lashes.

...I wish these awesome eye shadows were available right now for the holidays (you may find them in Target stores after Christmas). A dozen new EyeStudio palettes give you a highlight and three additional shades to mix and match. You can wear these as shimmery washes of color, or make them stunningly intense, mixed with water. Under artificial lights on the models at this event, the colors literally, sparkled, without glitter. They're gorgeous!!!!

The jars above look like they're holding dozens of sweets. They are...sort of. They contain lip glosses, each with a different flavor, called "Shinesensational." There were all sorts of colors and formulas from sheer and shimmery, to creamy and more intense, to clear. I tried #65 Crazy for Caramel. The warm, coppery shade was a kiss of coppery shimmer on my lips. The gloss feels so silky, and yes, my gloss did taste like rich caramel -- without the sugar or the calories.
Maybelline has some face treats in store, too. Their Instant Age Rewind Eraser is a "treatment" makeup that has goji berry and SPF 18. Even better, there's a fleece-like "puff" on the top of the tube that lets you apply the foundation without ever getting it on your fingers. The "puff" also helps the product go on super-smooth--just like a pro did it! There's also another version of Instant Age Rewind, and a new (and very silky) primer.
All of these products are priced around $10.00, give or take a little. Watch for a more complete review of these new, Maybelline products, shortly on the Advice Sisters Blog. If you haven't subscribed to the blog or the blog feed, now is the right time to do so (see below).

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At 4:14 AM , Blogger Cat K said...

Wow! Thanks for the preview! I just bought Lash Stiletto Voluptuous in waterproof and it is a great mascara! I also bought their XXL Extensions in waterproof. I can't wait to try it and their other line of new products!


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