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The Advice Sisters® wish you a joyous holiday and a happy, healthy, successful new year


New Year, new changes!  Something's new for the The Advice Sisters What Works Beauty, Cosmetics & Fashion review column.  You can also visit the What Works archives for all the columns and products that have been reviewed since 2000. For new reviews and more, visit the Advice Sisters Blog,  and my columns on the National Luxury Lifestyles  and  NY Cosmetics



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 The year is almost done, the holidays are here, and the new year is about to begin.  If being unemployed is bringing your down, read this classic Ask Alison: Managing Your Life & Career Classic from 2001:  Beating the Holiday Blues.   If you find yourself alone during the holidays, check out the Advice Sisters classic tips from How to Handle the Holidays, Solo or Not  and if you're looking to make new years resolutions that stick this year, read this Advice Sisters Classic: 12 Ways to Make Positive Change This Year. And, of course, you can always come to the source: Advice Sister Alison.  If there is something bothering you that you simply can't get under control, my personal, private advice services are affordable, fast, and effective!



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  I'm not just a lifestyles and beauty & fashion expert, I'm also an experienced, freelancer writer. This web site and blog are my online portfolio.  Here's what others say about my work.   Contact Me to learn how I can put my skills to work for you, or just  Click Here to learn more.


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