Q&Q watches spice series

solar series watch SPICE Collection

There are three styles, the Solar Series,  Spice (limited Edition) and mini . The first two are 5 bar waterproof which means you can wear it in the rain, but I wouldn’t swim with them. The Minis are 10 bar waterproof which means it is designed to withstand accidental splashing, exposure to rain, showering, swimming in a pool, etc but by no means are these dive watches. And all of the models give a portion of the profits back to charity (see below),

solar series watch

smile solar watch

Side View in packaging, smile solar watch RP00J015Y

smile solar watch RP00J015Y f

smile solar watch RP00J015Y


I was sent the RP00J015Y from the Solar Series.  The watch has a black fabric band rimmed in hot pink on one side, and a black and white herringbone print on the other side. The backing is all hot pink and the buckle is pure shite. The face of the watch is a chic plum with embossed Q&Q logo and divots for the hours.